FCCLA- Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America

Sponsor:  Jill Irwin
FCCLA Service Projects: 
Chester County Headstart 
1. October with Fall/Halloween theme we provide snack/drink and a craft.
2. Christmas theme: we provide visit from Santa, snack/drink, craft, Christmas songs, story, and a store where they can "buy" two gifts for two adults in their family.
3. For the teachers at headstart, we stay after the kids leave and help clean their room, color, cut out or whatever they need help with to have their class ready for Christmas projects or the end of the year.

Since we are not able to do our usual service projects due to covid we are looking for other ways to help that have little to no contact with others. So we will be doing these after Christmas break instead of before the break.


FCCLA Conference & Competitions:
District competitions are at FHU. We usually have several that compete in different categories and qualify to advance to state competition.
State competitions & conferences are in Chattanooga and are usually a three day event. We often have a few that will compete at the state level. Then those that advance to the state level for competitions and/or our club officers usually attend the conference which is the two days after the competitions. Last year the state competitions & conference were held differently or not at all.

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