Drama Club

When people think of theater, they usually think about spotlight performances; but there is so much more that happens behind the scenes.  One of the things that are rarely talked about is how the group works to serve others and invest in the community.

For example, the Drama Club’s annual Can Creation event provides hundreds of cans of food to our local Soup Kitchen.  While the individual groups enjoyed the display competition, the real winners were the people here in our community who received hot meals they may not have had otherwise.

This group of students has a passion for performing and they are working to help the students coming along behind them.  That’s why a group of theater students regularly goes to Chester County Middle School to provide Improv Workshops for the students there. This experience is equipping younger students for the time they will be part of the CCHS program.

The theater students know these types of programs are important, but they also enjoy serving within the walls of CCHS.  For instance, the theater students recently stepped in to help make English classes more engaging.  Students were able to see their lessons come alive as the theater group presented Macbeth and The Yellow Wallpaper.  Members of the theater group have produced videos to address such issues as bullying, distracted driving, and mask safety all to make life better for their peers.  So, whether it is one of these projects or simply students in the hallway offering free hugs, you can bet the CCHS Theater Group is working hard to make life better at CCHS and in Chester County.