Derick Gibbs

Advanced Manufacturing and Welding Instructor

731-632-3393(TCAT-Crump) or 731-989-8125(CCHS)

Courses Taught:

TCAT-Crump Dual Enrollment

Advanced Manufacturing


Welding Technology


First Trimester: 
WEL0001 Worker Characteristic
WEL1010 Technology Foundations
WEL1020 Shop Orientation, and Safety
WEL1030 Cutting Process
WEL1040 Basic Shield Metal Arc Welding
WEL1050 Basic Gas Metal Arc Welding
Second Trimester: 
WEL0002 Worker Characteristic
WEL2010 Blue Print Theory
WEL2020 Basic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WEL2030 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WEL2040 Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding
Third Trimester: 
WEL0003 Worker Characteristic
WEL3010 Blue Print Reading
WEL3020 Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding



Home: Adamsville with my wife Julie. 

Hobbies: Traveling, camping, boating, and most outdoor activities. 

Teaching Experience: Looking forward to my fourth year teaching Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Crump programs at Chester County High School.

Work History:  Fourteen years experience in manufacturing as welder, fabricator, and operator.

Certifications: Combination Welder TCAT-Jackson

                          Certified Production Technician Instructor MSSC