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High School Teacher of the Year 2017-18
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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Kimberly Moore


B.S. Computer Science - University of Lambuth
M.Ed - University of Memphis 
Prior to teaching in Chester County, Ms. Moore was employed by the State Department of Education as a Technology Consultant.  She headed numerous Technology Initiatives but one of her proudest is the Connect-TN project and was the Project Manager for all West TN schools while collaborating with tech support teams throughout the State.   Being exposed to technology and how it was being utilized in classrooms across the nations was an exciting time and she was excited to share with her son's elementary teachers programs and software that was innovative and was exciting to teachers and students.   This began a close relationship with tech team members in the Chester County School System and soon an opportunity to work locally and invest in a school system that was open and receptive to integrating technology in the classroom.   She has been teaching for 29 years and was moved to the high school 4 years ago where an exciting state of the art technology learning environment has emerged as one of the leading programs in the state of Tennessee.    I absolutely am thriving in this non-typical classroom environment where the classroom is "flipped" and students are leading the Great Start Tech Byte conversations and working as though they are project managers - owning their own work and sharing it with the world - if they so chose.    She along with 5 students have had the opportunity to collaborate with the DevCatalyst group and TheCo in Jackson, Tn - participating in contest that have led them to sit face to face to face with employees from Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, HackerOne and Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.   This summer her BETA state champion will participate in the national robotics contest and they are extremely excited about competing at the national level.
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