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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Chester County High School is to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes student responsibility and actively engages all students in achieving the knowledge and skills required to graduate college and career ready and practice productive citizenship.

Our vision is for Chester County High School to become a leader in providing quality education in the state of Tennessee by graduating goal-driven and multifaceted students who demonstrate exceptional achievement academically, personally, and professionally.

  About The School  

School Colors, Mascot, & Alma Mater

School Colors: Royal blue, white, and red trim

School Mascot: Eagles

School Song (Alma Mater):

The school that we all sing to Is Chester County High.

We strive for fame, for our school's name,

And our honor we hold high.

We work together, play together, on to victory.

So here's to the school that we love so well.

To you, we pledge our loyalty.